It's all about Venice

Did you know? The word 'Josa' itself, actually, recalls the Venetian word for 'Drop', 'Gioza'.
It's avialable in three different designs, each of them inspired by the city's icons: Rialto, Gondola and Palazzo Ducale.
Handmade in Italy

Josa's bracelet are proudly handmade in the Venice area, with high quality materials.
They're available in 4 different platings: Gold, Gold Rose, Silver and Ruthenium.
Every drop makes difference

For every Josa bracelet sold, 10% of the proceeds are devolved to Save Venice which does an extraordinary job in protecting Venice's artistic heritage.
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They're available in four different platings: Gold, Gold Rose, Silver and Ruthenium and three different designs: Ducale, Rialto, Gondola


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